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How do students qualify for Project Jubilee?  

According to the State Code of Alabama, all second grade students in the state are screened and assessed for the gifted education program. Second graders are administered a group assessment that evaluates their nonverbal performance abilities. Based on the results of this assessment, in addition to classroom observation, academic performance, and teacher recommendation, students are possibly referred for further testing. The further testing is administered by a qualified psychometrist who looks at the student's information to determine what type of aptitude test to administer. Once the testing has been completed, parents are notified regarding the results. To qualify for the gifted program, students must score within a certain range on aptitude tests.

Students beyond second grade may also be referred based on their classroom performance, grades and assessment test scores which fall in the superior range. If you have further questions about the gifted education program, please contact Mrs Montgomery by email at

Syllabus for the Year  

Project Jubilee Program Syllabus

Mrs. Martha Montgomery

Grades 3 and 4


Conceptual Lens: CHANGE 


Students will understand that…

  • Change is linked to time.
  • Change is inevitable and may be positive or negative.
  • Change brings about temporary imbalance in systems that can result in stress, resistance, and even chaos.
  • In order to survive, living things must adapt to change.
  • Change may happen naturally or be caused by people.



  • How and when does change happen?
  • What are some positive/negative consequences of change?
  • How can change be positive? Negative?
  • Why might change be stressful within a system?
  • Why is change likely to meet with resistance?
  • Under what circumstances might change bring about chaos?
  • How do living things adapt to change in order to survive?



SCIENCE - Archaeology, Entomology, Geology, Meteorology, GLOBE Environmental Investigations

SOCIAL SCIENCES -Ancient Egypt, Seven Ancient Wonders of the World, Japan, Netherlands, Brazil, India 

MUSIC - Music of Japan, Music of the Netherlands, Music of Brazil/ Latin Music, Music of  Egypt, Music of India, Images of Classical Music – Bach, Mozart, Beethoven

ART - Art of Japan, Van Gogh, Vermeer, Rembrandt, Art of Brazil, Art of Egypt, Art of India 

MATH - M3 Mentoring Mathematical Minds units: Grades 3, What's the Me in Measurement All About; Grade 4, Getting Into Shapes; Famous Mathematicians: Ramanujan, Thales, Euclid, Pascal

OTHER – Use of technology and field trip experiences